PD Profile:

Yawe George Faison

I am called Yawe George Faison, 32years old, married to Gladys Zalwango Yawe. God has blessed us with one daughter, Joy Martha Naava, 4 Months old. I am a professional Statistician with a Bachelors degree in Science(Stat/Econ) from Makerere University. My family is located in Kitasiba L.C 1, Kakuuto Sub County, Kakuuto County, Rakai District.

I was born in Mateete Mawogola , Ssembabule District to Mr. Ddumba Augustine and Miss Nansamba Getrude Ddumba. I went to St Peters primary school for my Primary level then to St. Maria Gorret Secondary school in Mpigi for my Ordinary level. I then joined Ntare School, Mbarara for Advanced level and finally went to Makerere University.
I work with Africa Renewal Ministries as the Project Director for Rakai Child Development Project since November 2005.

My Parents were Catholics though we never had a commitment to go to church save for the few big days of Easter and Christmas. I confessed Christ in March, 1998 at the end of my vacation in senior six. Two friends of mine, Ssekitto Soul and Jjingo Daniel with whom I had completed senior four at St. Maria Gorret preached to me. One day I met them when I was working on my admission to the University. They had already been admitted and they were already studying so they invited me to their hostel room that evening. On visiting them, I met their pastor, Pr. Moses Tenya, the head of Soil Science, Makerere University. He led me to Christ and since then I am a true believer.

However, my salvation has never been easy at all- it has been a very tough one and caused me a lot of trouble with my parents. In the year 1996 my grand father, Mr. Makumbi Francis passed away and he had been the clan head. I was made the heir to him which automatically elevated me to the clan headship. On my coronation, I was given a lot of traditional items including spears, backcloths, baskets, knives and other sacks made of backcloths. I kept them in my room well cared for as I pursued my education. When I accepted Jesus Christ in 1998, I destroyed all of them- an act I had taken lightly. Shortly after, my father came to know about it and in anger convened a clan meeting to discuss my fate. In that meeting I was ordered to receive a replacement of the items I had destroyed and denounce salvation as well or else I would be disowned and excommunicated.  I refused and vowed to continue serving God. The meeting decided to throw me out of the clan.

I went and started living on my own and hence spent one year without going to school since I was to join the university on self sponsorship. But God was so faithful. In March, 2001 I met Hajji Hakiim Ssebanakitta, our long time family friend and shared with him about my condition. He allowed to sponsor me through out my university and indeed he faithfully did. I came a long way because of his genuine and generous contribution.

I spent five years away from my home, and my parents accepted me back home in 2005. God has been good to me and Seven of my siblings have accepted Jesus Christ. My parents are no longer hostile to the Gospel. My prayer is for them to one day meet Jesus Christ also.

I fellowship with Ssanje Community Church in Rakai where I am serving as the Senior Pastor’s interpreter. I also do market evangelism, street evangelism, hospitals and prisons evangelism.  I am pursuing a Diploma course in Theology at Gaba Bible Institute, and another course in Pastoral Training at Global Lead Alliance International.

My dream is to become a full time minister of God and preach to the lost. Being an offspring of a polygamous family which is deeply rooted in witchcraft, I have a lot to do in order to transform our country, Uganda and the world over, with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.



Kabasoni Barbara
Lugajju Godfrey

Staff Profiles:

Lugajju Godfrey is my name aged 25years. I am single but having hope in God for a beautiful wife with Christ like character. I grew up with my Uncle who was a Catholic. Thanks be to God for his wonderful plans, after the death of my father I was registered in Luti child Development centre a project under compassion international.

Several project workers ministered in my life until 2000 when I accepted Christ as my lord and savior, it was a devotion time the preacher shared from the book of Romans3.23ff,I realized that am a sinner who needed God’s Grace to be forgiven since I feared eternal death, so I decided to let Christ lead  my life. Since then my life has never remained the same again, I finished my studies in January 2009 at  Makerere university ,volunteered with Ssanje CDP  for five months and then appointed as a social worker in February 2009 up to date. My dream is to see children transformed into responsible citizens with Christ like character.

I work with ARM as asocial work because it bears my dream of transforming children. Since, many Luti CDC workers stood in to see me transformed, I prefer to pay them back by standing in for others and ARMS provides this opportunity to me basing on 2 Timothy 2,1-4

I am Barbara Kabasomi aged 24. I have both parents and I am the first born, followed by 3 girls of which two are twins in 3rd year doing Community Psychology at Makerere University. I thank God for my life and this far that he has brought me. Well, I grew up with a protestant foundation where I attended Sunday school at Seeta Church of Uganda. In 1999, my father took me to Gayaza High School and cautioned me not to ever get saved. However in that very term I met the Lord. It was a Sunday morning on Palm Sunday when a servant of God preached about the triumphant entry. I was convicted and I also made a triumphant entry into the Kingdom of God. I got very many challenges with my father but I thank God that he upheld me and I was even able to lead my twin sisters to the Lord.  Our last born later got saved too.

My life passion is to give hope to the hopeless. I mean I really desire to give people reason to live and move on with their lives with the assurance that in Christ Jesus the latter will be greater than their past. To Him be the Glory for ever.

School Info:

The school attached to the church is called Glory Christian school, where most of our sponsored children attend their primary school. It has 430 children where 240 are sponsored and the rest are non-sponsored.

Church Name:

Ssanje Community Church

Project Stats:

The church building is 84feet by 40feet, roofed, 80% of shutters fitted but with no glasses yet. It is floored, not plastered and no seats. On average we have 100 adults and 160 children who attend our church services.

What God has done:

We are grateful to God who has given us the church land where the church building is, he has given us the church building, a bore hole, electricity at the church, instruments in the church, six class rooms for our primary school among others.

Project Dreams:

  1. A clinic from where to treat our children which is also accessible to the community.
  2. More land where we can do agricultural projects like growing food and keeping animals to supplement on the diet of our children.
  3. Four class rooms and an administrative block for our primary school.
  4. Hostels for both boys and girls to allow children from far to benefit from our good performance and to increase on the collection of the school to aide the sustainability of the school.
  5. A min bus to help on the movements during evangelism and for the school and project movement of children.
  6. Church seats and church building completion.
  7. Better public address system for the church.


Relationship with US churches:


Our church work with Boerne First Baptist church in Texas.
The church sponsors 284 children in our project, they contributed in buying church land and in constructing church building. In addition they constructed a four class room block for our school.